Setting up a Personal Training Business

Personal trainers in Sydney are in great demand and are employed in various settings like gyms, health clubs, resorts, universities, recreational centres, rehab centres etc. There are many fitness trainers who want to set up their own online fitness training business but are unsure how to go about it. The first step towards setting up a personal training business is getting yourself trained and qualified.
Registration and paperwork

Considering that you have the pre-requisites such as fitness trainer proper qualifications and a recognized certification to give you credibility, setting up an online personal training business will require investment from you in terms of registering yourself and your business. You will also need to get the Sydney required licenses to start out.

Business Plan

A business plan need not be too elaborate. However, it should be detailed enough to cover aspects such as target market, fees, marketing, location, lease, equipment cost and miscellaneous supplies. The knowledge that you have gained from your fitness training courses will help you chalk out a specific business plan. Making a business plan will help you streamline your efforts towards specific goals and you will have measurable milestones that you can monitor.

Set Up a PT Business



Choosing the right location is the most important aspect of starting a business. It depends on who your target clients are, accessibility for you as well as your clients, how much space you will need and how much can you afford.

Infrastructure and equipment

For a personal training business to run smoothly, the right equipment is essential. Before investing in costly equipment, you must decide on what type of exercise and fitness services you are going to provide. This will help you understand what equipment is required. You must keep in mind that basic equipment will be required to assess fitness levels, but you should also have different types of equipment to provide challenging workouts to your clients.


Once you have set up your online business and have the necessary infrastructure, the big step now is to get clients and sell your services to them. With various options available for marketing, it has become easy to advertise new businesses. You can start out by advertising with the local Sydney newspapers, billboards at prominent places, flyers and pamphlets, getting a website and social media. You must always bear in mind that the best marketing tool for a fitness business is by word-of-mouth. Hence it is very important to build up your reputation with the initial clientele that you get.

Be prepared

You should be prepared to face pressures of various types and be ready for those days when business is slow. In such situations, you must innovate and come up with new plans to offer to your existing clients and to attract new ones. You should also be ready to deal with unexpected costs such as stationery, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and the place etc.

Setting up a personal training business is not easy as it seems, the right approach and right mind-set will help you go about it. The hand-on experience and knowledge that you gain from fitness training courses will help you understand what exactly personal training entails and will show you the right path.