Myths About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer

The Myths About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer 

Kids personal training is big business these days and people worldwide are preparing themselves for a lucrative career in this segment. However, since it concerns your future career, you may have some inhibitions and queries as the industry also spawns a few myths and misconception.

So if you have any doubts regarding the common myths pervading the industry, it is best to clear them before hiring a kids personal trainer. For credible personal trainers, we recommend

Trainers Workout All the Time

Personal trainers certainly have to maintain a well toned body but this does not mean they have to train all the time. In between working with clients and maintaining a regular personal life, a trainer hardly has the time to work out himself.

Personal trainer courses teach you how to squeeze in just the right amount of exercise required to stay fit. Coupled with a healthy and disciplined lifestyle and hours of working with clients, most trainers usually look in top shape most of the times.

Trainers work Only at Gyms

Gyms do have dedicated trainers but that does not mean as a personal trainer, you MUST work at your neighbourhood gym. Gyms usually provide newbies with a ready platform for reaching out to clients and testing their application skills post personal trainer courses.

There are several trainers successfully running their own outdoor bootcamps, indoor small group sessions at home or office, training individuals or athletes and so on. The choice is endless and you can select a sector you like.

All Children’s Personal Trainers can Prepare Meal Plans

The truth is that all personal trainers can offer some general advice on eating healthy as per preset the guidelines. Only qualified nutritionists and dieticians can prescribe proper meal plans after studying the clien’s requirements and present condition.

Trainers can Train Any Person

Remember that fitness training qualifies you to help the healthy population become more fit and active. It does not qualify you to deal with people with special problems such as obesity; backache; sports injury; post-surgical rehab; geriatric complications; cardiac ailments or other lifestyle disorders and so on.

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Such specialized training is best left to experts OR you may do a niche specialization yourself. Such specializations can be done as added qualification after personal trainer courses and help you target customers with specific needs or goals.

Kids Personal Trainers are Experts in Rehab

As mentioned earlier, kids fitness courses do not qualify you to rehabilitate people post injury or surgery. But if you are passionate about this, you can do a niche on rehab training and also join up with physiotherapists and health professionals to learn more on the subject.

Such professionals can also help you hone your techniques further so as to provide the best service to such clients who require special approach and care.

Only Young People can Become Personal Trainers

This is far from truth as is evident from the diverse age group joining personal trainer courses. If you love exercising and helping others stay fit, you can become a trainer at any age. All it matters is your own fitness and confidence in handling your clients.