Perfecting the Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a deceptively simple exercise that in reality is a killer workout that really pushes your glutes, quads and hamstrings to the extreme. The position might look a bit comical but it definitely is a serious workout that will help you to master your form and techniques before you go on to heavier and complex lifts.


The goblet squat should definitely be part of your regular kettlebell courses as it offers several benefits apart from conditioning your lower body.

Why should you do the Goblet Squat

First and foremost, the goblet squat is one of those exercises in your kettlebell courses that is just ideal for burning tons of fat. This is because you can do as many reps as you want in a particular set so that your heart gets pumping real fast and your burn calories to release energy.

Secondly, the goblet squat is just great for strengthening your lower back and reducing risks of injury that might keep you bed-ridden. Squatting and holding a heavy object like the kettlebell at the chest level improves your posture, balance and stability while squatting and picking something heavy during your everyday activities. With regular practice, you can gain really strong and toned legs and can move about freely without risk of injury.

Thirdly, the goblet squat definitely improves flexibility in your hip region and strengthens your lower body so that you can move about just the way you want without pain or injury.

The goblet squat is also the perfect workout for beginners to master their form and technique for doing the perfect squat. The squat is a fundamental kettlebell move and without knowing how to do it correctly, you may not be able to progress smoothly to more complex workouts.

Doing the Perfect Goblet Squat

Before you include the goblet squat in your kettlebell courses, do ensure that you have mastered the right pattern as your form can go wrong any time and lead to injuries if you are not confident.

Begin by standing with feet positioned a bit wider than shoulder distance. Hold the kettebell with both hands by its ‘horns’ i.e. both sides of the handle. Now lift the kettlebell up to your chest level with both elbows tucked right in. Check out the Fitness Australia Accredited Kettlebell Courses.

Next, squat while holding this position and ensure that your elbows stay along the lines of both knees while your heels stay flat against the floor.

Squat as low as you can until the hamstrings are brushing against your calf muscles. Keep your head and chest up and maintain a straight spine.

Pause at the lowermost position and use both elbows to push out the knees. As you come up to the standing position, dig in your heels to the ground as hard as you can. Go through the pattern in a controlled movement and keep your abdominal muscles tensed.

Return to your starting position and try to repeat at least ten to twenty times in sets of three or five. You must do the goblet squat at least three to five times a week for maximum benefit. For additional information, visit