Things to Consider When Training With a Steel Mace

Most people who follow a strict exercise regime ensure that they work out at least four to five times a week. Some people may choose to exercise with steel clubs on a daily basis. Working out daily has its share of benefits as does a regular workout. However, when you choose to follow an exercise routine it is always better to make changes in your regime every now and then.

This helps your body get accustomed to new techniques and also helps you to avoid getting used to a particular type of work out. Just like you eat different kinds of things every day, it is important to feed your body with new exercise techniques too once in a way. Here’s what you should keep in mind when changing your exercise routine.

Your Present Routine

It won’t make sense to amend your present workout routine without considering what your present routine is like. For instance, if you follow a strict aerobic workout for now, suddenly changing it to include a high-intense weight based training regime may not be the best idea.

There are examples at:

You should keep in mind what your present regime consists of in terms of types of steel mace exercises and slowly amend it to include new ones. This will allow your body time to get used to the new routine. Over a period of time you can then choose to change your regime entirely or just partly. Your personal trainer will be able to guide you when it comes to understanding how to change your exercise regime.

The Duration

If you are used to working out for thirty minutes to an hour every day, do not suddenly change the duration. A new regime may last longer than your present regime. If it does, adapt to the change bit by bit. If your body is used to a thirty minute exercise routine and you suddenly exercise for an hour everyday, you may experience pain and muscle tears.


What You Can Do

Many people who perform regular cardio workouts think of switching to something more intense after a while. However, you cannot just change your schedule because you feel like it, you need to consider what your body can do. Understand your body, speak to a personal trainer and get proper advice before modifying your regime.

Should You Change

It is important to know whether you need to change your steel mace / club regime or not. This is where your personal trainer can help. Sometimes, your exercise regime may actually be right for you and changing it will turn out to be a waste of time. If you are benefiting from your present exercise regime, if you find that you can perform the present exercise regime well, if you find that you can perform the exercises without supervision and that it is helping you overall, then think twice before changing your routine.

Before you hire a fitness professional always check they have completed their steel mace certifications, getting a fitness instructor with the right certifications is paramount to your success. 

If you would like more information on personal training qualifications, check out the REPS and NASM websites.

Perfecting the Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a deceptively simple exercise that in reality is a killer workout that really pushes your glutes, quads and hamstrings to the extreme. The position might look a bit comical but it definitely is a serious workout that will help you to master your form and techniques before you go on to heavier and complex lifts.


The goblet squat should definitely be part of your regular kettlebell courses as it offers several benefits apart from conditioning your lower body.

Why should you do the Goblet Squat

First and foremost, the goblet squat is one of those exercises in your kettlebell courses that is just ideal for burning tons of fat. This is because you can do as many reps as you want in a particular set so that your heart gets pumping real fast and your burn calories to release energy.

Secondly, the goblet squat is just great for strengthening your lower back and reducing risks of injury that might keep you bed-ridden. Squatting and holding a heavy object like the kettlebell at the chest level improves your posture, balance and stability while squatting and picking something heavy during your everyday activities. With regular practice, you can gain really strong and toned legs and can move about freely without risk of injury.

Thirdly, the goblet squat definitely improves flexibility in your hip region and strengthens your lower body so that you can move about just the way you want without pain or injury.

The goblet squat is also the perfect workout for beginners to master their form and technique for doing the perfect squat. The squat is a fundamental kettlebell move and without knowing how to do it correctly, you may not be able to progress smoothly to more complex workouts.

Doing the Perfect Goblet Squat

Before you include the goblet squat in your kettlebell courses, do ensure that you have mastered the right pattern as your form can go wrong any time and lead to injuries if you are not confident.

Begin by standing with feet positioned a bit wider than shoulder distance. Hold the kettebell with both hands by its ‘horns’ i.e. both sides of the handle. Now lift the kettlebell up to your chest level with both elbows tucked right in. Check out the Fitness Australia Accredited Kettlebell Courses.

Next, squat while holding this position and ensure that your elbows stay along the lines of both knees while your heels stay flat against the floor.

Squat as low as you can until the hamstrings are brushing against your calf muscles. Keep your head and chest up and maintain a straight spine.

Pause at the lowermost position and use both elbows to push out the knees. As you come up to the standing position, dig in your heels to the ground as hard as you can. Go through the pattern in a controlled movement and keep your abdominal muscles tensed.

Return to your starting position and try to repeat at least ten to twenty times in sets of three or five. You must do the goblet squat at least three to five times a week for maximum benefit. For additional information, visit

Myths About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer

The Myths About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer 

Kids personal training is big business these days and people worldwide are preparing themselves for a lucrative career in this segment. However, since it concerns your future career, you may have some inhibitions and queries as the industry also spawns a few myths and misconception.

So if you have any doubts regarding the common myths pervading the industry, it is best to clear them before hiring a kids personal trainer. For credible personal trainers, we recommend

Trainers Workout All the Time

Personal trainers certainly have to maintain a well toned body but this does not mean they have to train all the time. In between working with clients and maintaining a regular personal life, a trainer hardly has the time to work out himself.

Personal trainer courses teach you how to squeeze in just the right amount of exercise required to stay fit. Coupled with a healthy and disciplined lifestyle and hours of working with clients, most trainers usually look in top shape most of the times.

Trainers work Only at Gyms

Gyms do have dedicated trainers but that does not mean as a personal trainer, you MUST work at your neighbourhood gym. Gyms usually provide newbies with a ready platform for reaching out to clients and testing their application skills post personal trainer courses.

There are several trainers successfully running their own outdoor bootcamps, indoor small group sessions at home or office, training individuals or athletes and so on. The choice is endless and you can select a sector you like.

All Children’s Personal Trainers can Prepare Meal Plans

The truth is that all personal trainers can offer some general advice on eating healthy as per preset the guidelines. Only qualified nutritionists and dieticians can prescribe proper meal plans after studying the clien’s requirements and present condition.

Trainers can Train Any Person

Remember that fitness training qualifies you to help the healthy population become more fit and active. It does not qualify you to deal with people with special problems such as obesity; backache; sports injury; post-surgical rehab; geriatric complications; cardiac ailments or other lifestyle disorders and so on.

kids on exercise balls

Such specialized training is best left to experts OR you may do a niche specialization yourself. Such specializations can be done as added qualification after personal trainer courses and help you target customers with specific needs or goals.

Kids Personal Trainers are Experts in Rehab

As mentioned earlier, kids fitness courses do not qualify you to rehabilitate people post injury or surgery. But if you are passionate about this, you can do a niche on rehab training and also join up with physiotherapists and health professionals to learn more on the subject.

Such professionals can also help you hone your techniques further so as to provide the best service to such clients who require special approach and care.

Only Young People can Become Personal Trainers

This is far from truth as is evident from the diverse age group joining personal trainer courses. If you love exercising and helping others stay fit, you can become a trainer at any age. All it matters is your own fitness and confidence in handling your clients.

How can you generate profits for your online fitness business?

Providing UK fitness instructor services online is a relatively new mode of business that is gaining interest of the fitness community. The scope of making online fitness profits has attracted many fitness industry experts towards this business.

Create a great website

Getting a great UK website is the first step towards generating online fitness profits. A website is like your business card and it is the first point of contact with your clients. Populate it with a brief profile detailing your qualifications and experience, the work you have done, client testimonials, pictures, fitness videos, health articles and relevant news clippings. This will help attract clients to your website.

Online Fitness Business

Expand business

If your online fitness instructor business involves providing personal training to your clients, try to include services exercises for maternity females and old patients. This is likely to be profitable because such clients find it difficult to go to the gym and prefer getting training at home.

Sell other products

Sell other products like T-shirts, caps, shoes, wrist bands branded with your business name or have tie-ups with exercise equipment dealers to whom you can divert your clients who want to buy equipment, thus getting a commission from the dealer etc.

Refer-a-friend schemes

Word of mouth is the best advertising for any personal training business and the same goes for you. Offer attractive incentives to your clients who can get new members for your services. You can offer freebies, shopping vouchers, free training sessions or exercise gear.

In order to be successful and make online fitness profits, you must have a passion for fitness and creative thinking to be open to try out new ideas to help your business grow.

Setting up a Personal Training Business

Personal trainers in Sydney are in great demand and are employed in various settings like gyms, health clubs, resorts, universities, recreational centres, rehab centres etc. There are many fitness trainers who want to set up their own online fitness training business but are unsure how to go about it. The first step towards setting up a personal training business is getting yourself trained and qualified.
Registration and paperwork

Considering that you have the pre-requisites such as fitness trainer proper qualifications and a recognized certification to give you credibility, setting up an online personal training business will require investment from you in terms of registering yourself and your business. You will also need to get the Sydney required licenses to start out.

Business Plan

A business plan need not be too elaborate. However, it should be detailed enough to cover aspects such as target market, fees, marketing, location, lease, equipment cost and miscellaneous supplies. The knowledge that you have gained from your fitness training courses will help you chalk out a specific business plan. Making a business plan will help you streamline your efforts towards specific goals and you will have measurable milestones that you can monitor.

Set Up a PT Business



Choosing the right location is the most important aspect of starting a business. It depends on who your target clients are, accessibility for you as well as your clients, how much space you will need and how much can you afford.

Infrastructure and equipment

For a personal training business to run smoothly, the right equipment is essential. Before investing in costly equipment, you must decide on what type of exercise and fitness services you are going to provide. This will help you understand what equipment is required. You must keep in mind that basic equipment will be required to assess fitness levels, but you should also have different types of equipment to provide challenging workouts to your clients.


Once you have set up your online business and have the necessary infrastructure, the big step now is to get clients and sell your services to them. With various options available for marketing, it has become easy to advertise new businesses. You can start out by advertising with the local Sydney newspapers, billboards at prominent places, flyers and pamphlets, getting a website and social media. You must always bear in mind that the best marketing tool for a fitness business is by word-of-mouth. Hence it is very important to build up your reputation with the initial clientele that you get.

Be prepared

You should be prepared to face pressures of various types and be ready for those days when business is slow. In such situations, you must innovate and come up with new plans to offer to your existing clients and to attract new ones. You should also be ready to deal with unexpected costs such as stationery, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and the place etc.

Setting up a personal training business is not easy as it seems, the right approach and right mind-set will help you go about it. The hand-on experience and knowledge that you gain from fitness training courses will help you understand what exactly personal training entails and will show you the right path.

Make Fitness a Day to day Habit

Do you really believe that staying slim is just the right definition of fitness? Wait a second… it’s not the fact. Slim is not just always fit. If you want to stay fit, you do have to look into your food habits, day to day work outs and even maintain a healthy life style.

This is all because our body that does represent a mechanics has been set to work accordingly. The organs are just like machineries that are set connected to each other to work simultaneously.

When there is a blockage or any kind of cutoff with connection from one organ, the complete system faces the trouble. For the reason it is must that you maintain a perfect diet which is just to keep the man like machine going on check this video below..

Impact of food habits on health

Today we are interested to take on the short and simple way. But ever we ask ourselves how far it is justified when it comes to health. We think the packed foods available outside where the calorific value is mentioned is just the best.

But fitness does not get into your body like that. You need to implement a lot of things to stay fit and fine. The simple foods are now taken up by pizzas, burgers and pasta’s which though are small in size but even are going to decrease your health and fitness. The components that make these foods delicious to consume are not healthy enough to try on.
Even if you are into profession, try to carry your own Tiffin to your work place. Have some salads, fruits, baked fish, chicken or anything that is with no or less of oil rather than eating these fast yet unhealthy food items.

Avoiding these would surely bring on a great change to your health and would rather keep you moving on with fitness for a long time across the day.

fitness training

Daily work outs and fitness

Right from top to bottom of our body is a machine as discussed earlier. So if the machine keeps going on it is sure to work for long. And to keep it going the best way is to keep exercising. Fitness is not defined with visiting gym every day. You can just walk for 20 to 30 minutes inside a park or your garden and stay active the whole day.

To add some extra you can meditate and practice Yoga which is proved to be the best way of staying fit and fine since the old era.
For a better life style do try to have a active fitness regime that would keep you stay healthy for ever and do avoid bad and unhealthy eating habits