Things you can learn with online fitness certifications

During your Marbella personal trainer courses you will learn all about the different abdominal muscles and it’s important to know the difference between all the abs exercices to be able to target the right muscles in order to tone up.

Crunches vs. Planks – What’s the difference?

Before undertaking proper online fitness certifications you would tend to think that if you want to attain a nice flat abdomen, is to do crunches. While crunches do help and can be very effective, you can strengthen and flatten your abdomen without doing a single crunch!

This is possible by keeping a check on your calorie intake and doing some cardiovascular exercises. Trying to reduce just one area in the body by burning fat will not be very effective. You need to burn fat throughout the whole body. Online fitness certifications will be able to guide you with the correct workouts.


When it comes to the question of which workout is better – planks or crunches, you should know that neither of these exercises burn fat. Marbella personal trainer courses will advise you that both the movements differ in the way they work, depending on how many muscles are used.

When you want to do crunches, you have to lie down flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet firmly resting on the floor. Next you have to lift your shoulder blades a couple of inches above the floor, keeping the chin up and above your chest.

Place your hands across your chest and make sure you do not put pressure on your neck. There are many ways to perform crunches. The movements isolate particular abdominal muscles. When you lie down, your abdominal muscles (particularly rectus abdominis) contract and become shortened helped by the obliques.


When it comes to doing planks, you have to lie down floor-facing. To support the upper body you need to place your elbows below the shoulders for body support. Extend your legs with feet and thighs close together, and then balance on your feet. Lastly stiffen your body like a plank, with your spine held straight stretching from head to heels.

When performing planks the core of your body becomes the main focus – it engages most of the body’s muscles. The movement consists of isometric contraction common to all variations of the plank.

This isometric contraction though making the muscle use force does not lengthen or shorten the muscle thus avoiding any joint movement. Muscles used to perform a plank are the inner and outer obliques, front abdominals and transverse abdominis. The last mentioned helps to stabilise the spine.

Other areas that benefit from doing planks are your hips, erector spinae muscles, glutes, thighs, lower legs, chest, serratus anterior muscles, trapezius muscles, triceps and rotator cuff muscles. Because planks help with body balance it is considered to be more efficient than crunches.


For a fit and conditioned body with a really strong core and toned abdominals go in for the many variations that planks offer. You also need to develop healthy eating habits and do some cardiovascular exercises with intensity training.

Since some of the exercise could prove to be demanding and somewhat intricate to follow; plus you need to take care of the spine area. Marbella personal trainer courses

will assess the level of your fitness and how much fitness training you have undergone, and accordingly prescribe the right cardiovascular workout for you.

How can you generate profits for your online fitness business?

Providing UK fitness instructor services online is a relatively new mode of business that is gaining interest of the fitness community. The scope of making online fitness profits has attracted many fitness industry experts towards this business.

Create a great website

Getting a great UK website is the first step towards generating online fitness profits. A website is like your business card and it is the first point of contact with your clients. Populate it with a brief profile detailing your qualifications and experience, the work you have done, client testimonials, pictures, fitness videos, health articles and relevant news clippings. This will help attract clients to your website.

Online Fitness Business

Expand business

If your online fitness instructor business involves providing personal training to your clients, try to include services exercises for maternity females and old patients. This is likely to be profitable because such clients find it difficult to go to the gym and prefer getting training at home.

Sell other products

Sell other products like T-shirts, caps, shoes, wrist bands branded with your business name or have tie-ups with exercise equipment dealers to whom you can divert your clients who want to buy equipment, thus getting a commission from the dealer etc.

Refer-a-friend schemes

Word of mouth is the best advertising for any personal training business and the same goes for you. Offer attractive incentives to your clients who can get new members for your services. You can offer freebies, shopping vouchers, free training sessions or exercise gear.

In order to be successful and make online fitness profits, you must have a passion for fitness and creative thinking to be open to try out new ideas to help your business grow.

Setting up a Personal Training Business

Personal trainers in Sydney are in great demand and are employed in various settings like gyms, health clubs, resorts, universities, recreational centres, rehab centres etc. There are many fitness trainers who want to set up their own online fitness training business but are unsure how to go about it. The first step towards setting up a personal training business is getting yourself trained and qualified.
Registration and paperwork

Considering that you have the pre-requisites such as fitness trainer proper qualifications and a recognized certification to give you credibility, setting up an online personal training business will require investment from you in terms of registering yourself and your business. You will also need to get the Sydney required licenses to start out.

Business Plan

A business plan need not be too elaborate. However, it should be detailed enough to cover aspects such as target market, fees, marketing, location, lease, equipment cost and miscellaneous supplies. The knowledge that you have gained from your fitness training courses will help you chalk out a specific business plan. Making a business plan will help you streamline your efforts towards specific goals and you will have measurable milestones that you can monitor.

Set Up a PT Business



Choosing the right location is the most important aspect of starting a business. It depends on who your target clients are, accessibility for you as well as your clients, how much space you will need and how much can you afford.

Infrastructure and equipment

For a personal training business to run smoothly, the right equipment is essential. Before investing in costly equipment, you must decide on what type of exercise and fitness services you are going to provide. This will help you understand what equipment is required. You must keep in mind that basic equipment will be required to assess fitness levels, but you should also have different types of equipment to provide challenging workouts to your clients.


Once you have set up your online business and have the necessary infrastructure, the big step now is to get clients and sell your services to them. With various options available for marketing, it has become easy to advertise new businesses. You can start out by advertising with the local Sydney newspapers, billboards at prominent places, flyers and pamphlets, getting a website and social media. You must always bear in mind that the best marketing tool for a fitness business is by word-of-mouth. Hence it is very important to build up your reputation with the initial clientele that you get.

Be prepared

You should be prepared to face pressures of various types and be ready for those days when business is slow. In such situations, you must innovate and come up with new plans to offer to your existing clients and to attract new ones. You should also be ready to deal with unexpected costs such as stationery, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and the place etc.

Setting up a personal training business is not easy as it seems, the right approach and right mind-set will help you go about it. The hand-on experience and knowledge that you gain from fitness training courses will help you understand what exactly personal training entails and will show you the right path.

Make Fitness a Day to day Habit

Do you really believe that staying slim is just the right definition of fitness? Wait a second… it’s not the fact. Slim is not just always fit. If you want to stay fit, you do have to look into your food habits, day to day work outs and even maintain a healthy life style.

This is all because our body that does represent a mechanics has been set to work accordingly. The organs are just like machineries that are set connected to each other to work simultaneously.

When there is a blockage or any kind of cutoff with connection from one organ, the complete system faces the trouble. For the reason it is must that you maintain a perfect diet which is just to keep the man like machine going on check this video below..

Impact of food habits on health

Today we are interested to take on the short and simple way. But ever we ask ourselves how far it is justified when it comes to health. We think the packed foods available outside where the calorific value is mentioned is just the best.

But fitness does not get into your body like that. You need to implement a lot of things to stay fit and fine. The simple foods are now taken up by pizzas, burgers and pasta’s which though are small in size but even are going to decrease your health and fitness. The components that make these foods delicious to consume are not healthy enough to try on.
Even if you are into profession, try to carry your own Tiffin to your work place. Have some salads, fruits, baked fish, chicken or anything that is with no or less of oil rather than eating these fast yet unhealthy food items.

Avoiding these would surely bring on a great change to your health and would rather keep you moving on with fitness for a long time across the day.

fitness training

Daily work outs and fitness

Right from top to bottom of our body is a machine as discussed earlier. So if the machine keeps going on it is sure to work for long. And to keep it going the best way is to keep exercising. Fitness is not defined with visiting gym every day. You can just walk for 20 to 30 minutes inside a park or your garden and stay active the whole day.

To add some extra you can meditate and practice Yoga which is proved to be the best way of staying fit and fine since the old era.
For a better life style do try to have a active fitness regime that would keep you stay healthy for ever and do avoid bad and unhealthy eating habits

Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

What is a Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer Balmoral like?

Not everybody can become a successful and popular fitness trainer. The work schedule is gruelling; the hours are long and unusual; you need to handle different types of clients and creating your own base of loyal customers take time. So how exactly does a personal training course manage all this and then some more? If you are eager to take up fitness training as a profession; you must acquaint yourself with the difficulties and rewards associated with it. After all, you should enjoy what you do if you want to make a success of your chosen career.

What are the Pitfalls of Fitness Training as a Profession?

personal trainer

Fitness training can be a rewarding career (despite the seeming drawback) only if you are passionate about health and fitness. You should also have a natural flair for helping people and dealing with different clients in a calm and controlled manner.

Be Prepared for a Gruelling Day

Being a full-time personal trainer is certainly not easy. For one, you have to get up at ungodly hours in the morning and forget about relaxing weekends. On most days, you will have to be up and moving by 6am in the morning. By that time, you will have finished your breakfast, packed your lunch and be on your way to your first client or your studio.

Lunch will be sometime between 1pm and 2 pm after which you can take a short break depending on the number of remaining clients. On days when you have fewer clients, you can expect to wrap up by 3pm or 4pm. However, on most days personal trainers will be very busy and it can be almost 8pm when you finish with your last client!

Be Prepared for Idiosyncrasies

Clients are as different as they come! Each of them will have their own fetish, individual lifestyle, personal likings and disliking, food preferences, timings and so on. On any given day, you will have to handle all this and much more as a personal trainer with a professional attitude.

You will have to be careful about avoiding being too friendly or aloof. Some of your clients will be naturally compliant while others will have unusual demands. You will have to adjust your schedule regularly to accommodate new clients without compromising on your present customers. As a Balmoral personal trainer, you will have to travel around a lot every day if you plan to visit clients at their place of convenience,

How Rewarding is the Profession?

However, at the end of each day most personal trainers are happy with the way they have spent their time. They end their day on a high note of satisfaction at having achieved something worthwhile. On some days, personal trainers will have helped a particular client reach a fitness goal and another in improving his mobility. Once you become a certified personal fitness trainer, you too will be in a position to help different people improve the quality of their life on a daily basis. And since you love what you do, the days ahead promise to be exciting, enjoyable, and fruitful and financially rewarding. After all, the discerning client will pay any amount for the exclusive services of a qualified and experienced fitness trainer. Visit for more personal training information from the Maltese fitness trainers.